Shed Simove - Ideas Man (2 stars)

Shed Simove - Ideas Man



Thanks to his career in TV production for shows like The Big Breakfast and Big Brother, fun-loving nerd Shed Simove has developed a real knack for churning out daft ideas. But on the side, he has slavishly dedicated years to launching his own eccentric – usually puntastic – gimmicks. This follows his Dragons’ Den-style slog for funding, as he promotes adult sweets ‘Clitoris Allsorts’, Bling Crosby Christmas cards or a champagne cork with a parachute attached. Besides proving he is freakishly tenacious, it reveals a bonkers kidult that never grew up.

There is method behind the madness, and his determination to get paid for doing something he loves is impressive. But in the places where his puppyish enthusiasm ends up spilling into long screeds about trademark regulations and messy red tape, just like his novelty ‘Control-a-Woman’ remote controls or ‘Sunshine in a Bottle’ gifts, the joke starts wearing a bit thin.

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