Heatsick and Optimo DJs to kiss the Edinburgh Fringe goodbye at Summerhall's Festival Closing Party

*4Summerhall Closing Party


Summerhall, formerly a veterinary hospital, now an excellent, if shambolic, hub of weird performance, experimental art and outdoor drinking, opened the festival in sublime, high-energy style with a live set of trance-inducing dancefloor euphoria from (best live band in Scotland right now?) Golden Teacher and a cassette-DJ set from Brian Shimkovitz, the man behind the Brooklyn blog, Awesome Tapes from Africa.

Keeping the good vibes coming, Braw Gigs (Summerhall’s music entertainment commander-in-chief) is throwing a closing party, featuring Berlin-based producer, Heatsick, with a live set from Optimo DJ, Johnny Wilkes, who makes music under the alter ego of Naum Gabo.

Heatsick, real name Steven Warwick, played the Glasgow Art School back in April, a part sound installation, part club experiment, helped along by yoga mats, lavender room spray, green tea cocktails and fortune cookies. His cyclical-tropical beats tickled the room into a grinning, sweaty frenzy, so his farewell set to the Fringe should hopefully go with a similar party bang.

Summerhall, 24 Aug, 11pm, £10.

Heatsick & JG Wilkes

Summerhall's festival closing party boasts Heatsick's aural and visual art stylings, plus (one half of Optimo) JG Wilkes' electronic sounds.

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