Helen Wood planning reality show

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  • 7 August 2014
Helen Wood

Helen Wood

Helen Wood is hoping to start her own 'The Only Way is Essex'-style reality show in Manchester when she leaves the 'Big Brother' house because she thinks the 'TOWIE' stars have become too "boring"

Helen Wood is planning to start her own 'The Only Way is Essex'-style reality show in Manchester.

The 'Big Brother' contestant - a former escort famous for participating in a threesome with England footballer Wayne Rooney in 2010 - thinks a similar type of programme in north west England is required because the stars of 'TOWIE' have become too "boring".

Speaking about the ITV2 reality show, she said: "The girls are boring, it's a bit stale.

"They really need one in Manchester. We've got Geordie Shore and The Valleys, it is time for Manchester. It would really be so entertaining!"

The 27-year-old star has clearly put a lot of thought into getting the project off the ground as she has already planned which Manchester nightspots could be featured, picking out clubs such as Panacea.

A source close to the brunette beauty - who won a pass to the final of the Channel 5 show earlier in the series - admitted Helen believes the goings-on in Manchester will be much more appealing to viewers than what happens in London.

She added: "Helen loves all that stuff. She always watches 'TOWIE' and 'Made In Chelsea' and reckons what goes on in Manchester is far more interesting.

"Hopefully she can get her idea off the ground once she leaves the 'Big Brother' house."

Helen has caused controversy in the house with a number of foul-mouthed rants, but she is hoping her 'Big Brother' experience will enable her to start such ventures as a new reality show.

She added: "If something comes out of it, it's a massive bonus. If it doesn't, I've still got the experience."

Helen, who was booed when she entered the house, recently revealed she fears leaving the house because she expects everyone to "hate" her.

She said: "I knew what I was walking into, but I think more people hate me now. I don't know why I'm moaning, I cheated my way into this position anyway. So I can't moan.

"I'm going off how the public think and that's what I have to do."

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