Farmer Lenny Kravitz

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  • 11 February 2008

Farmer Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz almost quit music to become a farmer.

The 'Fly Away' star recently spent four months on a farm in Brazil and enjoyed it so much he considered growing vegetables for a living.

He told Q magazine: "I was surrounded by nature and it was so beautiful. I lived completely within the means of that farm.

"I thought, 'You know what? I could stay here and be a farmer. I could grow fruit and vegetables.' "

But since returning home, the four-time Grammy award winning artist is more concerned with his iPhone than ploughing fields.

He said of the must-have celebrity accessory: "The iPhone is great but the typing function - I wanted to throw it out the window in the first week.

"But now I got it. The secret is - You've got to just keep going. And spell a bit of rubbish. Start slowly. Put your thumb square in the middle of the letter and then just speed it up."

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Lenny Kravitz

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