Kasabian's Serge Pizzorno wants to produce Kanye West's next album

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  • 7 August 2014
Serge Pizzorno

Serge Pizzorno

Kasabian's Serge Pizzorno wants to work with Kanye West on his next album because he thinks they'd create something interesting together

Kasabian want to produce Kanye West's next album.

The rock band's chief songwriter Serge Pizzorno, 33, is keen to team up with the 37-year-old rapper for his eighth studio album because he believes their talents combined would create some "insane" music.

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, he said: "I'd love to produce Kanye West, because the results would be insane. He's such a different talent to mine that I've no idea how our songs would sound, but you just know they'd be interesting.

"I've never been a traditional songwriter coming up with stuff on an acoustic guitar. How our music sounds is as important as the song itself, and if I ever get time I'd love to see what I could do with other musicians."

Meanwhile, the group - also consisting of Tom Meighan, Chris Edwards and Ian Matthews - believe their recent album '48:13' has proved they're capable of coming up with something new and shocking their fans.

Serge explained: "'48:13' has redefined Kasabian. What can people say against us now? It's idiocy to try to throw hackneyed old phrases like 'lad-rock' at us.

"Seeing '48:13; get to No 1 after releasing a polarising single like 'Ee-Zeh' proved we can experiment and leave people going: 'Wow!' We've proved we can go anywhere and try anything after this album, and that's what every musician dreams of.

"The most exciting thing about Kasabian at this moment is that none of us have a clue what we'll do next."


The lairy indie combo have headlined T in the Park and Glastonbury with their tried-and-tested piledriving electro-rock anthems.

Custom House Square, Belfast

Mon 20 Aug


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