Danielle Armstrong: James isn't a 'typical romantic'

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  • 6 August 2014
Danielle Armstrong and James Lock

Danielle Armstrong and James Lock

'TOWIE's Danielle Armstrong admits her boyfriend James Lock isn't one to treat her romantic gestures because he doesn't like to flaunt his feelings

Danielle Armstrong has admitted her boyfriend James Lock isn't a "typical romantic."

The 'Only Way is Essex' beauty was blown away by her beau's sweet attempts to win her back after she discovered he'd cheated on her earlier this year, but she insists the hunk isn't usually one to show affection.

She said: "James as a boyfriend... he's not your typical romantic, he wouldn't come home with flowers and cook dinner. He's more spontaneous, so I'll mention that I'd like to go to a certain restaurant and he'll just book it without even telling me."

The blonde stunner believes, despite their turbulent romance in the past two series of the show, she and James have become a stronger couple.

She explained: "Obviously we've had our issues in the past, like with a lot of couples we have to go through a lot of drama from time to time but at the moment it's all going well so fingers crossed."

However, Danielle admits one place James' flirty nature is coming in handy is in her shop Dani in Essex because he's managing to charm her female customers into splurging on her gorgeous clothes.

She joked: "James is really good in the shop, especially at charming the ladies! A lot of girls come in and you can see them getting all giggly all round James and if he says, 'Yeah that looks nice,' I'm pretty certain they're going to buy it!"

Danielle Armstrong enjoyed the refreshing great taste of Carlsberg Blackcurrant and Citrus at the Carlsberg Born to be Chilled BBQ in Essex at the weekend.

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