June Whitfield employs a personal trainer

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  • 5 August 2014
June Whitfield

June Whitfield

June Whitfield has revealed she's employed a personal trainer to help stay healthy

June Whitfield has employed a personal trainer to help her stay in shape.

The 88-year-old actress - who starred in 'Terry and June' and 'Absolutely Fabulous' alongside Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders - can already feel the health benefits of her new fitness regime after hiring a fitness coach three months ago.

She told the Radio Times magazine: "I took on a personal trainer two or three months ago just to keep moving. I don't walk about an awful lot because my feet hurt. He makes me run up and down the stairs, touch my toes, those sorts of things."

June admits she initially struggled to deal with the ageing process, but has now learnt to accept herself for what she is.

She explained: "The worst thing about age is not quite being able to do what you once did. The best thing is learning to accept what you've got and what you are and not worrying about whether you are liked."

Meanwhile, Jennifer Saunders recently revealed that June is to appear in a star-studded cast for the 'Absolutely Fabulous' movie, which is scheduled for release in cinemas across the globe next year.

The comedienne, 56, also confirmed she wants every guest star that's been in the show - including Kate Moss and Emma Bunton - to reprise their roles.

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