Spencer Matthews partied with Leonardo DiCaprio in New York

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  • 5 August 2014
Spencer Matthews

Spencer Matthews

'Made in Chelsea' star, Spencer Matthews has revealed he partied with Leonardo DiCaprio and Bradley Cooper whilst filming the E4 spin-off series, 'Made in Chelsea: New York'

Spencer Matthews partied with Leonardo DiCaprio whilst filming the 'Made in Chelsea' spin-off show.

The 25-year-old lothario rubbed shoulders with Hollywood royalty after he managed to secure a table at an exclusive club in New York, only to find out the hunky star and Bradley Cooper had got there first.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, he explained: "I got into this club called Tower Lounge and was fortunate that the owner is a friend and there was one table left and Mr DiCaprio and Bradley Cooper came in.

"We ended up having to share a table which they were very cool with, they were nice. They then offered us a lift to another club so we hopped in their car and went there and I had a really good night."

He jokingly added: "They were both a lot better looking than us. I didn't tell them about 'Made in Chelsea'!"

However, Leonardo and Bradley, 39, aren't the only A-list celebrities the reality stars have struck up a friendship with though as they've also mixed with leading actors on the East Coast too.

Spencer said: "We've met Gerard Butler here too, and Paul Rudd!"

Fellow co-star Oliver Proudlock even got to visit famed magician, David Blaine's house during the trip.

He recalled: "David has a pet alligator! That was wild."

Meanwhile, McVitie's heir Jamie Laing claims these crazy occurrences were common place whilst filming the show in the big apple.

He explained: "You get invited along with the crowd and end up in weird situations.

"We went to a house party and there were Emmy Awards everywhere. I have no idea whose house it was but it was amazing."

'Made in Chelsea: New York' is set to hit television screens on August 10 on E4.

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