Michael Sheen returning to Wonderland

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  • 5 August 2014
Michael Sheen

Michael Sheen

Michael Sheen, Stephen Fry and Alan Rickman are among the voice cast returning for the 'Alice in Wonderland' sequel 'Through the Looking Glass'

Michael Sheen, Stephen Fry and Alan Rickman are among the stars returning for the 'Alice in Wonderland' sequel.

The 'Masters of Sex' star is back to voice the White Rabbit in 'Alice in Wonderland: Through The Looking Glass', while Fry will again be the Cheshire Cat and Windsor is the Blue Caterpillar in the long-awaited follow-up to the 2010 Disney tale, which enters production this week.

Also returning from the voice cast are Matt Lucas, who plays twins Tweedledum and Tweedledee, Timothy Spall as Bayard aBarbara Windsor as the Dormouse.

As was previously confirmed, Mia Wasikowska retains the title role alongside Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter and Helena Bonham Carter and Anne Hathaway as the Red and White Queen respectively.

Joining the cast for the first time are Rhys Ifans as the Mad Hatter's father Zanik Hightopp and Sacha Baron Cohen as a character called Time.

Tim Burton has handed directorial duties over to 'Muppets' filmmaker Jame Bobin, but remains with the project as producer.

Linda Woolverton has again penned the script, and costume designer Colleen Atwood - who won an Oscar for 'Alice in Wonderland' and composer Danny Elfman are also back on board.

The sequel is scheduled for release on May 27, 2016.


1. Lady StarChilde7 Aug 2014, 2:19pm Report

In your article, you state that Windsor is to return to voice the Blue Caterpillar. Sorry, it was Rickman who voiced this character. :)

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