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  • 6 February 2008

Kirstie Alley hated people until finding Scientology

Kirstie Alley hated people until she found Scientology.

The 'Look Who's Talking' star, who last month claimed the bizarre sci-fi cult saved her life, preferred animals to "irritating" human beings before she joined the religion.

Kirstie, who is listed as a founding member of Scientology's Super Power Expansion Project, said: "I am a different being, and I mean entirely different. My viewpoint on the fourth dynamic and mankind and other people changed. You know, I liked animals more than people! OK, I liked certain people, but the idea of 'mankind' - it really irritated me!

"Then I realised why mankind upset me so much - it's because I wasn't taking responsibility! Now, I have genuine affinity for mankind."

Kirstie is now hoping to help the world by encouraging the whole of humanity to join the religion, which also counts Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Jada Pinkett Smith as members.

She added to Scientology magazine Source: "I've made decisions here, big, crazy, great, brilliant decisions here about the magnitude I'm going to help this group and help this planet, and it's real. I want everybody in the universe to experience this."

Last month, the 57-year-old star praised the religion in a promotional video called 'Orientation: A Scientology Information Film'.

Kirstie said: "Honest to God truth, without Scientology, I would be dead. Personally, I recommend it."

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1. Prometheus6 Feb 2008, 1:48pm Report

After Scientology scam come to light with the revealing unauthorized biography of Tom Cruise, The Church of $cientology requires it's most famous members to support the cause. It does not matter if Scientology destroys families both financially and with their 'disconnection' policy. It does not matter if there are thousands broken families and ruined lives. Google for 'Paulette Cooper', 'Jerry Armstrong', 'David Mayo', and read about the 'fair game' cult policy in action. It does not matter for Kristie Alley. She can't read the sad things her cult does. She can't read the Ex Scientologist Forum ( She can't listen to victims. She is not allowed to. The risk is her dream world would disappear if she does, and face a very sad reality.

2. anonymous6 Feb 2008, 8:14pm Report

There are 6 petitions that British citizens and/or residents can sign in
regard to scientology by going to the Downing Street website:

3. Lake6 Feb 2008, 9:41pm Report

Prometheus wrote: "[Kirstie Alley] can't listen to victims. She is not allowed to."

Oh Prometheus, that's ridiculous. Kirstie Alley, and Scientologists in general, can listen to anyone they want to. You're just repeating the same old sad tales that have been addressed, explained, debunked, talked about, and vetted by Scientologists and their supporters for years.

For a thorough list of Scientologists' responses/debunkings of various accusations that have been levied against their Church and Hubbard, please visit:

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