Group show Captain Lightfoot Presents at 2014 Edinburgh Art Festival

Group show Captain Lightfoot Presents at 2014 Edinburgh Art Festival

Group show inspired by location in the Glasshouse at Lauriston Castle

Set in the Victorian Glasshouse within lush gardens at Lauriston Castle, Captain Lightfoot Presents... is the latest exhibition organised by the Captain Lightfoot collective.

Both site and story are of key importance to the collective in the execution of the work and its curation. ‘The collective was brought together through our shared research into narrative and symbolism within visual art, rather than through one geographical location,’ says Emma Pratt, one of the international collective’s three founding members. Pratt is based in Edinburgh, while Anneli Holmstrom works in Finland and Kadie Salmon is based in London.

For this exhibition Captain Lightfoot’s members will be joined by artists Stephen Kavanagh and Jessie Makinson. ‘Our work shall feed into a larger narrative of both the real and imagined history of the Glasshouse itself, allowing the building to generate the themes and framework for a collection of self-reflective narratives,’ says Pratt.

A combination of painting, photography and sculpture will make up the exhibition’s site-specific work. Anneli Holmstrom’s work involves a series of mixed media sculptures, which she describes as, ‘taking the form of a group of anthropomorphic characters at a garden party’. Holmstrom continues: ‘these sculptures shall work with the notion of the glasshouse as a 'plant cage', a place where characters roam through social structures that simultaneously support and restrict them.’

Glasshouse at Lauriston Castle, 336 2060, 9—15 Aug, 10am—4pm, free 

Captain Lightfoot Presents …

Site-specific installation in the castle's Victorian Glasshouse, featuring work by members of the collective: Emma Pratt, Anneli Holmstrom and Kadie Salmon, as well as Jessie Makinson and Stephen Kavanagh.