Jonathan Ross won't quit for US show

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  • 31 July 2014
Jonathan Ross

Jonathan Ross

Jonathan Ross won't consider taking his talk show to America because he doesn't think he's as good as US presenters Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel

Jonathan Ross won't work in the US.

The 53-year-old talk show host has admitted he isn't ready to take 'The Jonathan Ross Show' across the pond as he doesn't feel he can compete with popular presenters Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel, who also front their own late night talk shows.

Speaking at the Cinemoi and Fashion Film Network's annual international awards in Los Angeles, he said: "The No. 1 guy at the moment is Jimmy Fallon. You wouldn't want to come out here and take on Jimmy. You're never going to be up there with him.

"And Jimmy Kimmel is doing great still.

"I don't have the appetite to conquer new territory. I am still really happy working in the UK."

Jonathan - who has hosted the ITV show since 2011 - has already turned down opportunities to crack the US, preferring to put the needs of his wife Jane Goldman and their three children, Betty, Honey and Harvey, first.

He explained: "Years ago I was offered a show here. We didn't come over because the kids were growing up and were happy at school. And we were really happy there.

"It's not really on my agenda, and they've got so much talent here - why would they need to look elsewhere? - they don't."

Although Jonathan won't be heading to America to advance his own career, he is prepared to make the move for his screenwriter wife, who helped pen 'X-Men: First Class' and 'Kick-Ass'.

He said: "I wouldn't consider moving here for work. I'd consider working here because my wife has so much work in the US now. She writes big movies for big studios.

"But really, our life is in the UK. It's where my kids go to school, where they are still."

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