Kimberly Kisselovich fell pregnant on Big Brother

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  • 31 July 2014
Kimberly Kisselovich

Kimberly Kisselovich

Former 'Big Brother' contestant Kimberly Kisselovich has revealed that she fell pregnant after having sex with fellow house mate Steve Goode on the show

Kimberly Kisselovich suffered an ectopic pregnancy after having sex in the 'Big Brother' house.

The Playboy model shocked viewers of the Channel 5 reality show when she had sex with fellow housemate Steven Goode on national television, and now Kimberly has admitted she did fall pregnant following her on-screen session between the sheets but she has since lost the baby due to medical complications.

The 23-year-old beauty revealed that the "condom split" after their love making, resulting in an ectopic pregnancy, which is when a fertilised egg starts to develop outside of the womb.

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, Kimberly explained: "In the past 24 hours I've had a diagnosis from the doctor and he's sure that I have had an ectopic pregnancy.

"The doctor said that with the time frame it was definitely Steven's."

Kimberly was forced to leave the 'Big Brother' house after falling ill and was made to stay in hospital for four days, and she has admitted her ectopic pregnancy was the reason behind her quick exit from the show.

She added: "That's why I had so much pain in my pelvic area which I thought was an infection."

Kimberly could potentially face surgery to remove the egg from her fallopian tube and has admitted that she worries about her chances of having a baby in the future.

She said: "I'm really concerned. Steven's speaking to all the doctors - he's really upset.

"The doctor has said there's a chance I won't be able to have children. I'm trying to keep positive because we don't know for certain."

The NHS estimates that almost 11,000 women suffer an ectopic pregnancy every year, with approximately 65 per cent of women successfully falling pregnant within 18 months.

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