Lacey Turner: Stacey Branning not leaving

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  • 29 July 2014
Lacey Turner

Lacey Turner

Lacey Turner has revealed that her return to 'EastEnders' is long-term as she and her character Stacey Branning have no plans to leave

'EastEnders' star Lacey Turner says she wants to her character to emulate Dot Branning.

The 26-year-old actress reprised her role as Stacey Branning in the BBC One soap earlier this year but saw her alter-ego sent to prison, however she's set for another return and would love be in the show for the long run.

Quizzed on whether she could see Stacey having the longevity of June Brown's character, Dot, she said: "Mentally, I'm there! If you could do half of what June Brown has done with Dot, then that would be unbelievably amazing. She's such an amazing lady. Who knows? I'm always really happy here.

"I'll stay for as long as they'll keep me. I'm not going anywhere."

Stacey was sentenced to five years in prison for the murder of Archie Mitchell when she made her return earlier this year and although Lacey says she wants to do her time so she can get back to live with her daughter Lily, she says things may not be as simple as they seem.

Speaking about Stacey's reaction to her mother Jean Slater's (Gillian Wright) plans to get her out of prison, Lacey told the Radio Times magazine: "She doesn't take it so well at first. She wants to serve her time. She feels that she can't start again until she's paid for what she's done.

"But slowly, as bad things happen, she decides that maybe staying in prison isn't the wisest thing to do. And if she has got an opportunity to get out, then she should take it."

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