Corrie's Charles Lawson brands exit storyline 'stupid'

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  • 29 July 2014
Charles Lawson

Charles Lawson

Coronation Street actor Charles Lawson admits his exit storyline in 2011 was "silly" and "stupid", but he his hoping his alter-ego Jim McDonald will return to the show on a more permanent basis following his upcoming three-month stint on the ITV soap

Coronation Street star Charles Lawson thought the bank robbery storyline that resulted in his character ending up behind bars was "stupid".

The 54-year-old star, who is set to return to ITV soap next week when he Chris Gascoyne's imprisoned alter-ego Peter Barlow buys alcohol off him in jail, insists it was "silly" when his character held up a bank in 2011 in an attempt to get money to buy the Rovers Return pub.

Despite this, the actor realised something had to be done as his on-screen wife Beverley Callard - who has previously spoken about her battle with depression - was unwell at the time.

He said: "It was stupid. But there was a crisis going on. Beverley was ill as we all know, so people had to write something pretty damn quick. I thought it was silly. But it had to be written in a hurry. So, hey ho. But we played it to the hilt and people enjoyed it."

Charles revealed Jim is set to strike a deal with Peter after meeting him in prison which sees the ex-army man reunited with wife Liz McDonald, and the actor - who is back on Corrie for a three-month stint - is hoping the pair will fall in love again so he can return to the cobbles permanently.

He told "Jim asks Peter to ask Ken to get a message out and Steve comes along. We've also shot Liz coming along which was brilliant. Good scenes. I'm glad to say we haven't lost it. Jim thinks the lady doth protest too much. He wonders who she is trying to convince. But she says, 'My new man is twice the man you'll ever be!'

"Yet underneath it all, Elizabeth McDonald will always be in love with Jim and vice-versa. That is a constant and I hope the writers keep it a constant. Then I'll be back!"

Jim was handed a seven-year sentence in 2011 after holding up the bank, and as a result Liz fled to Spain to live with son Andy. Beverley later reprised her role as Liz in October 2013.

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