Lauren Goodger: I'm no Kim Kardashian

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 29 July 2014
Lauren Goodger

Lauren Goodger

Former 'The Only Way is Essex' star Lauren Goodger has slammed rumours that she leaked a sex tape of herself performing a sex act with ex-boyfriend Jake McLean for extra publicity, insisting she is no Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton

Lauren Goodger has slammed rumours that she leaked the sex tape herself, insisting she is "not like Kim Kardashian".

The former 'The Only Way is Essex' star has become the latest victim of a leaked sex tape after a six-second video of her engaging in a sex act with ex-boyfriend Jake McLean was published online.

In an interview with new! magazine Lauren explained that she isn't responsible for the leaked video, saying: "I feel violated. I'm not like Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton, who intentionally made sex tapes - I had no idea this happened! I really want to just try and forget it and move on but use this as a warning to others."

Lauren added: "I was mortified. I'm private about things like this, so I was worrying about what people would think of me. But I'm glad it was with an ex because what we were doing wasn't wrong.

"Never in a million years did I think something like this would happen."

The 27-year-old TV personality admitted that she felt "violated" and "mortified" after the video surfaced online, and revealed that she no longer trusts people.

She explained: "I don't trust anyone now. It's sad. How can something you did with someone you love and trust not only be filmed without your permission but get out, too?

"I think my next boyfriend will have to sign a bloody contract! It's ridiculous I have to live my life like this. I'm never going to put myself in a situation like this again. Phones will be off in the bedroom!"

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