Lana Del Rey still gets stage fright

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  • 25 July 2014
Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey has admitted she still gets stage fright but feels she is getting it under control

Lana Del Rey still gets stage fright.

While the 29-year-old singer struggled terribly with the affliction at the start of her career, she believes she is getting better but sometimes still feels like she's not sure if she can perform.

Speaking about Cat Power, who has been open about her own struggle with stage fright and still plays through it, Lana told Rolling Stone: "That's why I really liked Cat Power, because I felt like I really understood her.

"She was a person who really meant a lot to me, just knowing that it was okay to start your performance with your back to the audience, at first, if you really couldn't face it. I mean, a lot of the time I just really felt like, 'I'm not really sure if I can do it.' But I mean, I've gotten better."

While Lana's latest album 'Ultraviolence' has won widespread praise, she admitted producer Dan Auerbach found her quite tough to work with.

She said: "I would explain things to him in terms of colours and touchstone words. My word for the record was 'fire,' you know, blue fire, when a flame gets so hot it goes from red to blue. And I told him I wanted everything to sound like it was in the key of blue. And I think at first he was like, 'What the f**k?'"

Lana Del Rey

Seductive, self-styled 'Hollywood sadcore' sounds from the pop siren of the moment.

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