Katherine Parkinson unsure about IT Crowd reunion

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  • 23 July 2014
Katherine Parkinson

Katherine Parkinson

Katherine Parkinson says she's unsure about returning to 'The IT Crowd' as she doesn't want to ruin the show's legacy

Katherine Parkinson doesn't want to ruin 'The IT Crowd's' legacy.

The 37-year-old actress - who played Jen Barber in the cult classic sitcom - admits she is reluctant to reprise her role in the comedy, which ended last year, as the show concluded on such a high note.

Quizzed if she'd do another series, Katherine said: "We've tried before but we've all been a bit unavailable - Richard Ayoade, me, Chris O'Dowd and also [writer] Graham Linehan.

"So, never say never, and we're all friends, but at the moment it's unlikely. It was a good run and we wouldn't want to ruin that."

Katherine has swapped her BAFTA Award-winning comedy role for more serious fare as she plays Maggie Gyllenhaal's cold sister-in-law in BBC Two drama 'The Honourable Woman' and she is enjoying the change of pace.

She told Radio Times magazine: "That's certainly a departure for me. On TV we either have sitcoms or dramas. But I think the best dramas do have an element of wit. 'Breaking Bad' is the perfect example. It's a drama and it's tragic but it's hilarious at times."

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