Katherine Parkison backs all-male panel shows

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  • 22 July 2014
Katherine Parkinson

Katherine Parkinson

'The IT Crowd# actress Katherine Parkinson has voiced her support for all-male panel shows

Katherine Parkinson says men are better than women at panel shows.

The 'IT crowd' actress argues that as the concept of team-led comedy quiz shows was developed by men, they are better suited to appearing on programmes such as 'Mock the Week'..

She told Radio Times: "The format was invented by men, like the stand-up format, and men excel most at it.

"I know producers try to invite women on. But we don't feel it's a natural fit for our abilities. We can't ignore the difference between sexes when it comes to humour. With men it's spikier."

The decision to ban all-male panel shows on the BBC was made in February by television controller Danny Cohen.

The controversial move has been backed by comedian Rufus Hound, who thinks all-male panel shows "should be a thing of the past".

Hound appeared as a panellist on 'Celebrity Juice' from 2008 to 2012 and believes there are plenty of funny women who can entertain TV audiences.

He previously said: "Panel shows often set out a combative premise because, traditionally, men like the feeling of a fight, so the nature of those shows may have to change to allow women the tools to be as incredibly funny as they are."

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