Paul van Dyk slams artists who 'sound the same'

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  • 22 July 2014
Paul van Dyk

Paul van Dyk

Electronic dance pioneer Paul van Dyk has criticised DJs for 'all sounding the same' and for being too reliant on technology

German DJ Paul van Dyk has slammed artists who all "sound the same".

As a pioneer of the electronic dance genre, the musician has spoken out against DJs who copy each other and thinks they all sound indistinguishable from one another.

Talking to, the Grammy Award-nominated DJ vented about the situation, explaining: "The problem I see, let's call it 'EDM soup', it's all sounding the same. It's like, I'm pretty sure even fans of this music can't say, 'This is the new track by this person' or, 'That new track by that person', because they all sound the same.

"I don't want electronic music to die once the EDM hype is over. This music is there to stay forever, therefore we need to focus on artists who made music that lasts longer than three minutes on the radio."

The 42-year-old DJ also expressed his frustration with DJs who are too reliant on technology to do their job for them, although Paul does admit that he currently has a large amount of kit to assist him when doing a gig.

He said: "When I'm playing now, I pretty much have a recording studio with me onstage. I have keyboards, computers, custom made mixers, a lot of controllers that enable me to be really interactive and actually play things,

"I prefer maybe me pressing the wrong key at some point and still be able to be live than everything being programmed and you just put the USB stick in the CD player, press play and then [wave your hands]. That has nothing to do with what electronic music means to me and the real followers of electronic music."

Paul Van Dyk

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