BBC Trustee calls for more Sherlock

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  • 17 July 2014


A BBC Trustee has called for more episodes of 'Sherlock' and says it would greatly benefit the BBC to have 12 weeks of the show

A BBC Trust official has called for more episodes of 'Sherlock'.

Trustee David Liddiment believes the BBC would benefit greatly if it were to air more than three episodes of the hit detective drama starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.

The BBC Trust is the governing body of the BBC and is tasked with ensuring it provides value for money to licence fee payers.

He told "It is hard for audiences to understand why there is something as good as 'Sherlock' and it is on for only three weeks, why can't we have more of it?"

Mr. Liddiment went on to suggest the "benefits to the BBC would be great" if the show were to "sit in the schedule for 12 weeks".

The former ITV director of programmes co-wrote the latest BBC Trust review, which has relayed viewers' wishes for more quality drama in line with critically acclaimed US shows such as 'Breaking Bad'.

Mr. Liddiment explained: "We have seen extraordinarily ambitious pieces of television come out of America and Scandinavia, in particular shows like 'Mad Men' and 'Breaking Bad' which are on 12 hours a year. They are very, very ambitious and a modern audience, when it likes something, they want more of it.

"We are in a kind of demand society and it's not impossible is what I am saying. And when you get it absolutely spot on, it is a bolster to do more of that."

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