Antony Costa's fiancee in 'traumatic' labour

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  • 17 July 2014
Antony Costa and Rosanna Jasmin

Antony Costa and Rosanna Jasmin

Blue singer Antony Costa's fiancee Rosanna Jasmin went through a "traumatic" labour giving birth to their first child

Antony Costa's fiancée went through a "traumatic" labour.

The Blue singer and partner Rosanna Jasmin welcomed baby daughter Savannah Rose into the world last month, but Rosanna - who had been treated for pre-eclampsia during her pregnancy - admits it was horrific to be rushed to hospital for an induced delivery.

She recalled: "I'd planned a water birth with candles and music and was expecting it to be a magical experience. It wasn't like that at all. It was really traumatic. I started to cry because I was scared in case anything went wrong."

The 28-year-old dental nurse's experience was all the more devastating as Antony, 33, wasn't by her side because he was performing with Blue in Cardiff, Wales.

The star rushed back to Essex to be by his fiancée's side during the birth.

He told Britain's HELLO! magazine: "The thing is, I felt so useless. To see your loved one going through the pain she did is horrible. You don't know what to do and when they said they needed to get the baby out straight away, I thought, 'This is dangerous now. this is life or death.' "

Thankfully, Rosanna gave birth to a healthy baby girl and the tot has brought the couple - who got engaged last December - even closer than ever before.

Antony said: "Every time I hold her, she feels like our little miracle. And seeing what Rosanna went through has made us even closer. I've promised I will never complain about having a headache again."

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