Casey Batchelor loses a stone in four weeks

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  • 16 July 2014
Casey Batchelor's new body (c) Andy Lesauvage

Casey Batchelor's new body (c) Andy Lesauvage

Celebrity Big Brother contestant Casey Batchelor has lost a stone in four weeks after being called 'chubby and overweight' on social media

Casey Batchelor lost a stone in four weeks after being taunted by online bullies.

The 29-year-old glamour model - who has gone from nine stone to eight stone - was tired of receiving abuse from Twitter trolls over her "chubby" figure and was determined to banish her "wobbly bits" for good.

Talking about her dramatic weight loss, Casey shared: "I'm going to be in my bikini for most of the summer and I was fed up with cruel comments on Twitter about how I looked chubby and overweight. No one can say that now. I'm so much more toned - I've got rid of all my puppy fat.

"I did so much work and have got in the best shape of your life."

Casey was particularly hurt by comments about her weight when she appeared on 'Celebrity Big Brother' in January and made a conscious effort to shed the extra pounds once she left the house.

She lamented: "I hated the way I looked when I came out. If I put on weight, it shows. I had a puffiness around my face. I didn't feel good about myself and couldn't wear the kind of clothes that really show off my figure to its best effect.

"You could see my wobbly bits in the pictures. Who wants big love handles hanging over their trousers?"

The brunette beauty has now overhauled her eating habits using Forza Supplements' Raspberry K2 diet capsules and takes exercise as often as possible.

Casey explained: "I take one just before I exercise every day. They give me a little energy lift. They are also great for suppressing your appetite at weak moments. I'm a big fan of Oreos and I would always take one Raspberry K2 just when I was reaching for the cookie jar and the urge to snack would go away."

While she's pleased with the results of her strict diet and exercise regime, Casey admits there is only one part of her body she's still unhappy with - her breasts.

The glamour model used to be a 32GG but has dropped a cup size, leaving her with 32FFs and has said she wants to have a surgical lift when she's older.

She joked: "I don't want my boobs to be dangling around my ankles when I get in my 40s!"

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