Correcto - Correcto (4 stars)




This foursome may boast the talent of two of Glasgow’s indie glitterati – Franz Ferdinand’s Paul Thomson and Patrick Doyle of The Royal We – but there’s so much more to Correcto than the hype about their famous members. The band’s self-titled debut offering is a thrillingly addictive listen from start to finish, as opener ‘Inuit’’s rush of razor-sharp guitars kicks in, paving the way for a collection of rhythmic lo-fi tracks tinged with piano tinkles and a captivating melancholy air. Most impressive, however, is frontman Danny Saunders’ strong melodies, smart lyrics and off-kilter vocals depicting tales of bittersweet romance, with ‘No One Under 30’, ‘Joni’ and ‘Do It Better’ all undeniable highlights.


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