Singles and downloads - July 2014

Singles and downloads - July 2014

Randolph's Leap / Photo: Gavin White

New releases from Jamie xx, Randolph's Leap, Esa and eagleowl & Woodpigeon reviewed

Randolph's Leap – 'I Can’t Dance to This Music Anymore'

(Lost Map) ●●●
A folksy companion to The Smiths’ 'Panic', this latest postcard single from Eigg’s Lost Map label establishes dancefloor refusal as a metaphor for all other kinds of reluctance, its rising fiddle and homespun orchestral motifs forming the perfect accompaniment to Adam Ross’s plaintive voice. It’s also the ‘soundtrack’ to their first East End Social get-together at Bowlers Bar this month.
Randolph’s Leap’s first ‘I Can’t Dance to This Music’ night is at Bowlers Bar, Glasgow, Sun 27 Jul.

Jamie xx – 'All Under One Roof Raving'

(Young Turks) ●●●●
Not content with Mercury-winning success with The xx and his remix collaboration with Gil Scott-Heron three years back, Jamie Smith’s latest solo releases have begun to unveil him as a producer of real individuality and style. His latest isn’t what you would expect from the title, which is a late-night garage groove of steel drums and atmospheric vocal snippets extolling the virtues of rave culture, an echoing hymnal to basement clubs and pirate radio that’s more film score than floorfiller.

eagleowl & Woodpigeon – 'Lost Cat 003'

(Lost Map) ●●●
Released as part of Lost Map’s Lost Cat series of hyper-limited special issues, this split cassette single between swoon-inducing Edinburgh gang eagleowl and their Canadian soulmates Woodpigeon will only be available at gigs and in very carefully selected record stores. It’s all about keeping things a little bit special, y’see? The senses-fogging, fiddle-crooning title track ‘Eagleowl vs Woodpigeon’ is from the former’s This Silent Year album, with other new bits they haven’t let us hear.
eagleowl perform at Howlin’ Fling, Isle of Eigg, Fri 18–Sun 20 Jul.

Esa – 'E.Roots' EP

(Burek) ●●●●
Now relocated to London, South African producer Esa Williams is well known around Glasgow for his percussion work with Auntie Flo and time served as one of the DJ team at Subculture. Recording here for Croatian label Burek, his sound across the first of these four tracks (‘Time of Planck’ and ‘Paradox Jaz’) is gorgeous, a warm minimal house crackle with little retro acid flourishes. ‘Placid Universe’ and ‘Drama Queen’ go longer on the layering of old synth sounds and are a bit less directly affecting for it.