Eels - Meet the Eels (5 stars)

Eels - Meet the Eels



Mark Everett has always been the outsider on the inside – the indie kid on the major label, the shy freak adopted by the LA cool crowd, the bearded freak on Top of the Pops. This collection of his band’s finest moments confirms Everett’s genius, blending an underground aesthetic, a poet’s heart and supreme melodic sensibilities, from the scratchy early trip hop of ‘Susan’s House’ to the unhinged blues of ‘Souljacker Part 1’ to sublime ballads like ‘It’s a Motherfucker’. 24 idiosyncratic pop gems (including a psychotic cover of ‘Get Yr Freak On’) and a DVD of fantastic videos make this essential listening for anyone not familiar with how good rock music with soul and humour can sound.

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