Interview: folktronica wunderkind Jonnie Common limbers up for the Jonnie Commonwealth Games

Interview: folktronica wunderkind Jonnie Common limbers up for the Jonnie Commonwealth Games

Paddy Steer

Fellow electronica athletes Paddy Steer, Joe Howe and MC Almond Milk will also attend

With an album out this autumn and regular curatorship of the Save As Collective – alongside James ‘Conquering Animal Sound’ Scott, Julian ‘Miaoux Miaoux’ Corrie and Gavin ‘grnr’ Thomson – lone electro-acoustic troubadour Jonnie Common (who also performs alongside Scott as Carbs) presents the third Save As night. With a name like that, the theme is unavoidable. We caught up with Jonnie to hear more…

Will there actually be games?
There may be some between acts. We’re still working on it but plimsolls and participation won’t be mandatory.

Who’s playing?
Paddy Steer’s coming up from Manchester to headline. I’m dying to see him again and I thoroughly believe he’ll blow the minds of anyone who hasn’t seen him play before. Imagine a jazz drummer whose drum kit extends into a nest of homemade instruments, wearing a big alien-looking robot’s head that lights up when he sings. It might sound a bit daft but it really works. In the middle, we’ve got Joe Howe, formerly known as Ben Butler and Mousepad. I’ve known Joe for a long time and his music has a lot in common with Paddy’s – they both have jazz roots while being extremely innovative with their use of electronic sound. They’re also both very talented musicians but neither strays into self-indulgence. Opening up will be Save As Collectee MC Almond Milk [Scott again] and his mischievous girlfriend DJ Nightmares, debuting tunes from his next comedy rap mixtape.

What can we expect from the evening?
Something unique. Paddy and Joe are operating without blueprints. They’re probably the only two people I know who genuinely don’t sound like anyone else. MC Almond Milk’s wit is a razor-sharp snowflake and I’ll be DJing from an exercise bike in full PE kit.

Glad Cafe, Glasgow, Sat 26 Jul.

The Jonnie Commonwealth Games 2014

Save As III: The Jonnie Commonwealth Games

The Save As Collective present Paddy Steer, a one-man world of sound who uses homemade instruments to fuse jazz drumming with chaotic B-movie electronica and the occasional Hawaiian guitar.

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