The Duke Spirit - Neptune (3 stars)

The Duke Spirit - Neptune

(You Are Here)


‘I do believe in something, you know,’ intones Duke Spirit Leila Moss over the short, hymnal intro to her band’s new album. Judging by the other eleven songs on here, that belief extends as far as the kind of flurrying, supercharged femme-rock which artists like Juliette Lewis and The Distillers’ Brodie Dalle have tried on with varying degrees of success.

The Duke Spirit, then, are not so much a band to believe in as one to just enjoy momentarily. The furious charge of ‘Send a Little Love Token’, the lithe grind of ‘The Step and the Walk’, the spectral, MBV-aping canter of ‘Wooden Heart’ and ‘Sovereign’ – none of these are testament to originality, but they’re played with fluent passion, at least.

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