Blazin' Fiddles - Live (4 stars)

Blazin' Fiddles - Live

(Blazin’ Fiddles)


The Scottish fiddle supergroup are caught in full flight in this gig in Glenuig last summer, and in a way that has never quite been replicated in their studio recordings. Even the band feel they have not done themselves full justice in the studio setting, but this recording captures their live sound in immediate and uncompromised fashion, so much so that they felt no need to do any subsequent studio editing – everything is exactly as played on the night.

The five fiddlers – Aidan O’Rourke, Allan Henderson, Bruce MacGregor, Catriona Macdonald and Iain MacFarlane – fire off a series of vibrant instrumental sets drawn from various points in the near-decade of the band’s existence, impeccably backed by Andy Thorburn’s piano and Marc Clements’ guitar. The well-balanced sets mix arrangements of traditional tunes with contemporary offerings from the likes of Jerry Holland, Johnny Cunningham, Michael McGoldrick and Allan MacDonald.

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