Paul Vickers & The Leg - Tropical Favourites

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  • 31 January 2008
Paul Vickers & The Leg - Tropical Favourites

(SL Records)


In one fearsome circle of hell or another, Paul Vickers & The Leg would provide the children’s entertainment. The Edinburgh supergroup – Dawn of the Replicants’ Vickers, backed by the band formerly known as Desc, and Khaya before that – create something brilliant but frightening, a rough bar room sound that’s blessed with a kind of abstract, childlike naivety.

Vickers sings like an addled hybrid of Shane MacGowan and Tom Waits, while The Leg play a hard-to-resist kind of indie-jugband blues. There are a few straight-up rockers (‘Tears for Smokey’ is a highlight, like a ragged, kinetic Sonic Youth demo), while ‘Chime Chime Cherry’ and ‘The Ballad of Bess Houdini’ are ragged, eccentric bluegrass strolls.

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