Cilla Black feels too old for another pet

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  • 9 July 2014
Cilla Black at the BAFTAs

Cilla Black

Cilla Black has revealed she won't get another pet because she thinks it will outlive her

Cilla Black won't get another pet because she worries she'll die first.

The 71-year-old TV icon has confessed she turned down an offer from comedian Paul O'Grady to buy her a new pet pooch as she doesn't think she'd outlive it.

Speaking at a book launch in London, the former 'Blind Date' host told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "I put my last dog down last year. And Paul O'Grady told me he would buy me one for my birthday but I don't want one. Only because the dog will probably outlive me."

Her admission comes after she recently revealed she hopes she dies aged 75 before she gets too old and infirm.

Cilla also said at the same event that Colin Firth was her dream man and she couldn't contain herself when she was sitting directly behind him at Wimbledon.

She told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: "Colin Firth was sitting right in front of us. I adore him ... He wasn't adoring me, he was watching the tennis."

The veteran entertainer is being played by Sheridan Smith in an upcoming ITV drama about her life story, but can't bring herself to watch the tapes back.

She explained to the Daily Express: "I'm so nervous, I've been sitting on it for 10 days now. They've sent me all the discs but I've been too nervous to watch it! My son Robin is a producer on it which is good but he keeps saying, 'Mum you're running out of time to watch it.'

"If there's anything I don't like I'll be changing it so I hope there's not much. They do these things when you're dead normally!"

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