Samia Ghadie says Alan Halsall was horrified when they had to kiss

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  • 8 July 2014
Corrie's Maria and Tyrone

Samia Ghadie and Alan Halsall

'Coronation Street' beauty Samia Ghadie has revealed her co-star Alan Halsall was horrified when their characters had to kiss, because she is "like a sister to him"

Samia Ghadie says Alan Halsall was horrified when they had to kiss on camera.

The 'Coronation Street' actress - who plays Maria Connor in the soap - is very close friends with the actor, and he felt incredibly awkward when she had to lock lips on screen.

She told OK! magazine: "Alan and I have known each other since we were babies. It's always funny when I have to try and kiss him because he absolutely does not want to go anywhere near me. I'm like a sister to him, so it's just so wrong.

"We had this scene where [his character Tyrone Dobbs] had to pull back from me kissing him and Alan literally leapt off the sofa.

"They shouted, 'Cut' and I was like, 'Could you have moved back any quicker - am I that repulsive?' He said, 'I'm sorry, it just feels wrong.' "

Meanwhile, Samia insisted Maria is now over both Tyrone and former boyfriend Marcus Dent and is excited about a new relationship.

She said: "She turned into a complete bunny boiler over Tyrone, she went crazy.

"She's back from Cyprus now, she makes her peace with Marcus before he goes, then I hear there's a new love interest coming along in the not-too-distant future with someone completely different."

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