Endor, Q Without U and Jesus H Foxx (4 stars)

Jesus H Foxx

Jesus H Foxx


is this music?, the magazine/website which sponsors tonight’s show, prides itself on spotting upcoming talent. However, they also show loyalty to neglected bands from the past. Jesus H Foxx (formerly Sweetheart) tick both boxes. Describing themselves as a ‘poor man’s Talking Heads’ they are both modest and wrong: their drawled vocals and meandering guitar lines are more akin to a Scots take on Pavement, rich in melodies and rhythm.

Q Without U’s members have done time in indie acts Troika and House, and if anything are an amalgam of these, melding direct pop sensibilities with an ear for an offbeat skewed hook. Single ‘One Piece Puzzle’ shows off these qualities best, being a mess of instant riffs and bubbling keyboards.

Headliners Endor perhaps best fill the ‘Sound of Young Scotland’ brogues, seemingly having come from nowhere (despite having existed for a couple of years) to become the dark horses of many an indie tipster. Righty so; from the whispered start of ‘We Live in Doors’ to the rousing clapalong of ‘Hold On’ it’s a set rich in stirring tunes and the key feature, jangling guitars. The future looks good.

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