5 things to expect at Glasgow's 2014 film and music event Cargo, Camera… Action!

5 Things To Expect At Cargo, Camera… Action!

A day of live screenings, circus performers, DJs and more on the River Cyde Embankment

David Pollock finds out what’s in store at 85A’s all-day cinematic event playing out on the Clyde Embankment

1. A ghost ship filled with cannibal rats

Inspired by the viral story of an abandoned Russian ship heading for Britain’s shores earlier this year, Glasgow’s mighty exponents of the all-in-one film screening / art installation / large-scale outdoor event the 85A Collective have devised a scenario that fuses the shipbuilding history of the Clyde with a nightmarish vision worthy of their hero Jan Svankmajer.

2. Some of Glasgow’s finest and most eclectic bands

The specially created ghost ship will play host to five performances of the ‘Cargo, Camera… Action!’ show throughout the day. We only know vague details, but they’ll involve circus performers, freestyle football and a different band each time, including dub reggae from Mungo’s Hi-Fi and MC Diggy Dang, garage rock from Halfrican and disco-funk from Golden Teacher.

3. A daytime festival atmosphere

Outside of the set, the area alongside the river will play host to an open-air selection of entertainments including DJs, games, performances (among them Eilidh McAskill’s Lady Cyclist), a ‘catering trailer’ featuring street food from the SCRAN Collective, and a ‘crew bar’ stocked by the Williams Bros brewery.

4. An evening of short films from Scotland and beyond

After 10pm, the boat becomes a cinema, showing new commissions from Scots artists and filmmakers Chris Leslie, Torsten Lauschmann, Nick Millar and Minty Donald, and classic seafaring shorts including Seawards the Great Ships, the first Scottish-made film to win an Oscar.

5. A live film going on all around you

Part of the performance will involve a roving fictional film crew making a movie of the day’s events, and all of the audience will be extras in this presentation. In other words, when the cameras start rolling expect anything to happen.

Cargo, Camera… Action!, River Clyde Embankment, Glasgow, Sat 26 Jul.

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