Three Scottish art shows inspired by the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games

Three Art shows inspired by the Commonwealth Games at Glasgow galleries

Featuring In Common, Below Another Sky and All Sided Games at a host of venues across Glasgow and MOD Training Centre Barry Buddon

In Common
Glaswegian design studio Recoat have invited artists from Commonwealth countries to paint large-scale murals on five sites in Glasgow. ‘We selected artists that we had followed for some time and had seen their work at other mural festivals,’ explains Amy Whiten, managing director of Recoat. The majority of the work will be figurative and inspired by the local community.
Various locations across Glasgow, Sat 19 Jul–Sun 3 Aug

Below Another Sky
Ten Scottish artists and ten artists from Commonwealth countries participated in residencies organised by the Scottish Print Network between 2013 and 2014. Artists from Scotland visited Antigua, Bangladesh, Canada, India, Malawi and New Zealand while artists from Australia, Canada, India and Pakistan participated in residencies across Scotland. Below Another Sky presents the outcomes, capturing the diversity of the Commonwealth’s influences through an eclectic group show.
Glasgow Print Studio, Fri 18 Jul–15 Aug

All Sided Games
Since October 2013 the Collective Gallery has produced a programme of off-site commissions in venues built for the Commonwealth Games in Edinburgh in 1970 and 1986, and in venues to be used for the Glasgow Games this year. For the next All Sided Games commission in August, artist Dennis McNulty will work in and around the MOD’s Barry Buddon Training Centre, the venue for this year’s Commonwealth Games’ Shooting Events. McNulty’s works often take hybrid forms, on this occasion he will be working with groups and individuals from the neighbouring towns of Barry and Carnoustie.
Off-site projects commissioned by the Collective Gallery

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