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The Ting Tings


Mix indie music, punk attitude, clubby vibes, pop melodies and art-rock sensibilities, then say hello to The Ting Tings, the Mancunian duo of Katie White and Jules De Martino who are one of the buzz bands of 2008, and rightly so.

Having formed only 12 months ago The Ting Tings are true owners of the X factor, possessing a magical chemistry and charisma which clearly comes from the utterly unplanned nature of the music they make.

‘After our last band, [Deer Eskiimo] I just wanted to play the drums again, and Katie wanted to learn guitar, and this came out,’ explains De Martino. ‘We had no intention of forming a band. Sometimes, those serendipitous moments are the best, because they’re not moulded, even by the band themselves.’

The results are fantastic. Utilising loops and effects, the pair build songs out of nothing, combining technology with a feral live quality displayed on Later . . ., where they ripped through anthemic debut single ‘That’s Not My Name’.

From playing in a warehouse in Salford to signing with Columbia and touring the world, it’s been an unbelievable opening year for a band ready to rip up 2008.

‘2007 was the greatest year we’ll ever have,’ says De Martino. ‘Not only were things happening with the band, but we didn’t care after everything we’d been through with the last band. There was no pressure at all.’

The Ting Tings perform with Joe Lean and the Jing Jang Jong, The Cribs and Does it Offend You, Yeah?

The Cribs

  • 3 stars


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