Colin MacIntyre

Colin MacIntyre


Gone is the Mull Historical Society pseudonym and in its place is Colin MacIntyre, a couple of choirs and a veteran politician. After three critically acclaimed albums, MacIntyre is back with his latest, The Water, and a set at Celtic Connections.

With the new name comes a new start, for which MacIntyre has even drafted in left-wing politician Tony Benn for a spoken word piece. But he reassures that the new album doesn’t depart too far from his power-pop roots.

‘There’s no difference in how I work creatively,’ says MacIntyre. ‘But I decided it was time to evolve, because I think it’s important for me to reach new people, but I don’t think Mull Historical Society fans will be left behind.’

The new album, produced by Lemon Jelly’s Nick Franglen, will smack of familiarity for fans, particularly those who snapped up his 2001 debut, Loss. The majority of the 12 tracks are stripped down acoustic numbers, which mark a return to MacIntyre’s early work. But there are occasional epic moments that have gone down a storm live, such as album opener, You’re a Star, which is all harmonised backing vocals, aching lead guitar lines and whistles.

‘I’ve done a few live dates and the new material has been received really well,’ he says. ‘I’ve been looking out over crowds of people bobbing their heads and I can’t wait to get back to play Glasgow. If I can’t play Mull, it’s the nearest I get to a homecoming gig.’

Colin MacIntyre and The Garden Party

The Mull Historical Society man reverts to his own name, promoting his new album 'The Water'.

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