Found Footage Festival set for UK tour

Found Footage Festival set for UK tour

Critically acclaimed comedy show based on dated and esoteric VHS videos tours UK

High school friends Nick Prueher and Joe Pickett have trawled the charity shops of America in search of dated and esoteric VHS videos, resulting in the critically acclaimed comedy show The Found Footage Festival.

Is there one stand-out video that started the whole project?
What really got us looking was when I found an old McDonald’s training video in the break room of the restaurant I worked at in high school. Totally nonsensical and ridiculous in all the right ways.

For those who don’t know about your show, what can they expect from your UK tour?
We take audiences on a guided tour through our VHS collection, explaining where and how we found them and offering commentary while they play. We also try to track down the people in the videos, and in this tenth-anniversary show we found two people from an early home shopping video we discovered in the mid-90s and reunited them!

As the VHS is used so little today, do you ever worry about running out of material?
So much material was committed to VHS in the 80s and 90s that we'll have enough to last us at least another ten years. That said, several thrift store employees have told us they’re not even accepting VHS donations any more. That scared us to death because second-hand VHS is our livelihood!

Would you ever open up the show to digital footage?
We’ve started looking at the occasional DVD at charity shops and I have to say, we’re not proud. When you're in Memphis, Tennessee, and you see an instructional video for Elvis impersonators on DVD, how can you say no? The formats may change but the bad ideas are here to stay, and that’s really encouraging.

The Found Footage Festival is at Grosvenor Cinema, Glasgow, Tue 22 Jul and the Filmhouse, Edinburgh, Wed 23 Jul.

McDonalds Custodial Training Video

Found Footage Festival

  • 1h 30min
  • Directed by: Various

Based on an idea founded in New York City in 2004, this is a unique collection of videos from charity shops and garage sales across North America. Observations and commentaries are provided by the hosts.

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