Millie Mackintosh struggled with Celebrity MasterChef pressure

Millie Mackintosh

Millie Mackintosh

'Celebrity MasterChef' contestant Millie Mackintosh struggled to cope with the pressure on the TV cooking contest, and admitted she was a "nervous wreck" during filming.

Millie Mackintosh struggled with pressure on 'Celebrity MasterChef'.

The former 'Made In Chelsea' star admitted she was a "nervous wreck" while filming for the upcoming new series of cooking show, although looking back she is "really proud" of herself.

She said: "It's been amazing. Watching it back I felt really proud and was fist pumping and jumping up and down!

"But I was a bit of a nervous wreck at the time. I was quite difficult to be around because the nerves made me quite uptight. I wasn't sleeping much."

Due to the stress of the celebrity contest, Millie found herself battling fatigue as she tried to keep on top of everything - although she eventually "burst into tears" when it almost became too much.

She added: "Catering for loads of people was really stressful because of the pressure to get everything done. At the end I burst into tears because I was so exhausted."

And while the star didn't put on a lot of weight, she did notice her "eating habits got worse".

She admitted: "I tried to fit in the gym as much as I could, but filming made it difficult. I didn't find that I put on weight but my eating habits got worse.

"It was hard not to snack on the crisps and sandwiches available, so I started making healthy food the night before."


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