Road Games - DVD review (3 stars)

Road Games

Optimum DVD ((15) 96min)

Made in 1981 as a star vehicle for then rising star Stacy Keach, this likeable Aussie road movie from Richard 'Psycho II' Franklin is hampered by American influences. Not just with Keach, who chews up the scenery with all the curious self-loving diction of a luvvie (albeit one too rarely given a juicy film role – Keach apparently studied at RADA), but also Franklin, who looks like he ransacked the Hitchcock catalogue for suspense devices and plot motivation.

As Keach crosses the country working as a long distance lorry driver, he picks up Jamie Lee Curtis and at the same time suspects another driver of killing off hitchhikers along the way. Will Keach help catch the killer or become the key suspect himself? Franklin doesn’t make as much of the landscape as he could, but this is an agreeable, undemanding piece of genre filmmaking from a director who was never really part of the Australian New Wave that included Peter Weir, Fred Schepisi and Bruce Beresford. Minimal extras.
(Tony McKibbin)

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