Roxanne Pallett doesn't miss Emmerdale

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  • 3 July 2014
Roxanne Pallett

Roxanne Pallett

Roxanne Pallett doesn't miss 'Emmerdale' because she's so busy with other acting work

Roxanne Pallett doesn't miss 'Emmerdale'.

The 31-year-old actress played Jo Sugden in the Yorkshire soap from 2005 to 2008 but she admits she hasn't "had a chance" to miss the role because she's been keeping so busy with various acting roles in the six years since she left.

Speaking at a special screening of Noel Clarke's new film 'The Anomaly' in London, she told BANG Showbiz: "I don't miss it, but I'm really appreciative of it and I love 'Emmerdale' - I still watch it. I've not had a chance to miss it because I've been working on so many projects since. I try not to miss anything I've done. I try to just put it in a little box and love it tenderly, but I don't look back."

Since quitting 'Emmerdale', Roxanne has starred in Hollywood sequels 'Lake Placid 3' and 'Wrong Turn 6' and has found the world of film to be a vast difference from soap.

She explained: "Soap's very quick and you've got to be really at the top of your game and really disciplined because you shoot every day, then and there - you don't get a rehearsal.

"With films, the parameters are changed because there's no watershed, so they really push you beyond a limit you would expect. But it's nice and it's given me a more rounded view on my acting. It's been good for me."

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