Coldplay shower fans with star confetti at London show

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  • 2 July 2014
Coldplay performing at Royal Albert Hall

Coldplay performing at Royal Albert Hall

Coldplay showered their fans with star shaped confetti during their spine-tingling show at the Royal Albert Hall in London on Tuesday night (01.07.14) and singer Chris Martin also dedicated song ''Til Kingdom Come' to his dad who was in the audience

Coldplay showered their fans in star shaped confetti as they performed the first of their "last shows for a while" at the Royal Albert Hall in London on Tuesday night (01.07.14).

The four-piece band played a mesmerising set in the centre of the iconic venue and during second to last track 'Sky Full of Stars' singer Chris Martin urged fans to "loosen up" and jump up and down as the white confetti was fired from cannons around the room.

As the band stepped out on stage at the venue - which was adorned with several light-filled trees and silver and blue stars hanging from the ceiling - they received a rapturous reception before launching into 'Always In My Head' from their new album 'Ghost Stories'.

Their set was littered with tracks from 'Ghost Stories' - which seems to catalogue Chris' separation from wife Gwyneth Paltrow - with highlights being 'Magic', 'Ink' and 'True Love'.

The band also played many of their greatest hits, including 'Charlie Brown', 'Paradise', 'Clocks', 'The Scientist' - which prompted a mass sing-along and on which Chris added a line from Adele's 'Someone Like You' - and 'When I Ruled The World'.

Chris' dad Anthony Martin was in the audience for the concert and the musician paid tribute to his father and dedicated ''Til Kingdom Come' to him.

For their encore Coldplay - also comprised of guitarist Jonny Buckland, bassist Guy Berryman and drummer Will Champion -played 'Oceans' as well as 'Sky Full of Stars' and closed with fan-favourite 'Fix You' which prompted their fans to join in before the foursome took a bow and waved goodbye.

Coldplay setlist:

'Always In My Head'

'Charlie Brown'




'The Scientist'

'God Put A Smile Upon My Face'

'Til Kingdom Come'

'Everything's Not Lost'


'True Love'

'When I Ruled The World'


'Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall'


'Sky Full Of Stars'

'Fix You'


The anthemic indie quartet continue to steamroller all before them.

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