Wee Fairy Tales

Wee Fairy Tales

Scots adaptation

Do you know your bahookie from your elba? If not, it’s time to stop being so glaikit and brush up on your Scots. With this most colourful of languages set to join the school curriculum sometime soon, you could do worse than give the bairns a keek at TAG Theatre’s new production, Wee Fairy Tales.

Adapted from Matthew Fitt and James Robertson’s book of the same name, the show features five well-loved fairytales re-worked in Scots: Three Little Pigs, Cinderella, Rumplestiltskin, The Billy Goats Gruff and Red Riding Hood. Performed by three actors, armed with a small trunk of props and a big talent for characterisation, the show had a brief outing last year to great acclaim.

‘We only did three performances,’ explains Jeremy Raison, artistic director of the Citizens’ Theatre and TAG. ‘One for the staff – who all said they hadn’t laughed so much in years – and two for the public, both of which sold out straight away and got a fantastically good response. So we decided to do it again.’

Fast-paced, quirky and filled with hilarious rhyming couplets, Wee Fairy Tales is aimed at families and children aged 3–8. The show will also tour to schools throughout Scotland, and Raison believes it’s the perfect introduction to the nation’s mither-leid (native tongue). ‘There’s something really extraordinary about the sheer colour of the language,’ he says. ‘And there’s a lot of humour in the show, which is partly because of the Scots language and partly because of the performance level of the storytelling.’ (Kelly Apter)

Citizens’ Theatre, Glasgow, Mon 11–Sat 16 Feb

Wee Fairy Tales

Three performers and a magical trunk full of props and surprises tell the stories of the Three Wee Pigs, Cinderellae and other traditional fairytales with a Scottish accent. Ages 3+

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