Michelle Collins still recognised as Cindy Beale

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  • 1 July 2014
Michelle Collins

Michelle Collins

Michelle Collins has revealed she is still recognised as Cindy Beale 17 years after quitting the famous role in 'EastEnders'

Michelle Collins is still recognised as Cindy Beale 17 years after she quit 'EastEnders'.

The 52-year-old actress played the cunning first wife of Ian Beale from 1988 to 1998 and she is constantly called Cindy by soap viewers when she's out and about.

Quizzed if she's still recognised as her former character, she said: "Oh, all the time! I haven't been in 'EastEnders' for 17 years but I still get it from workmen calling out, 'Oi, Cindy!' What do you do? Say, 'Hello boys!'? I can't stand that, I just wanna die ... no that's not quite true, you just have to learn to embrace it."

Michelle, who quit her role as Stella Price on rival soap 'Coronation Street' earlier this year, has also ruled Cindy - who died during childbirth in 1998 - out of the murder of her on-screen daughter Lucy Beale.

She told the Metro newspaper: "I can confirm that I am not the killer of Lucy Beale. At least as far as I know."

Michelle added: "She was a twin, wasn't she? I met my supposed other daughter once, that was weird. Didn't look a bit like me! She obviously took after the dad."

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