Interview: founder Suzanne Bonner on Hi-NRG Italo-disco club night Shoot Your Shot

Interview: founder Suzanne Bonner on Hi-NRG Italo-disco club night Shoot Your Shot

'I wanted to bring an element of fun to the dance floors of Glasgow. There’s always room for that'

Could this be the funnest club night to hit Glasgow for a long time? Embracing the flamboyant, the eccentric and the downright outrageous, the music policy is quite simply one of taking you HIGHER – caps lock on – with a vibe nestled somewhere between the debauchery of an underground NY disco and the anything-goes freedom of early 90s rave. Rosie Davies catches up with club founder Suzanne Bonner and discovers that when she tells you to come as you are, she really means it.

What inspired you to start the night?  
I wanted to bring an element of fun to the dance floors of Glasgow. There’s always room for that.

So what does this element of fun involve?  
A night incandescent with nonsense. Bring your party poppers (although, there will be some provided at the door). I liked the feedback from one punter recently, saying that he wouldn't feel out of place turning up in a pair of Speedos – please do. There’s also a competition that runs a week before the night, offering a chance to win the VIP Package – the ultimate Very Important Prick experience which includes guest entry, a bottle of Buckfast served by the beautiful bar staff, a VIP crown and a dance from a special guest. You may be a prick, but you’re not a very important one until you’ve become our competition winner.

Did you get inspiration from any other club nights, either in Glasgow or across the world?
I’ve always admired any night that has a strong sense of community and party spirit, and Glasgow has provided many. Optimo, Supermax, Utter Gutter and Hot Mess are all standouts. I was too young to recall Love Boutique but have heard only superb anecdotes.

What sort of people have been coming so far?
Glasgow’s elite fringe crowd: a beautiful mix of flamboyant, eccentric and downright outrageous characters. Dress to impress!

What about the music?
Our music policy is HI-NRG/ITALO-DISCO/TAKING YOU HIGHER. You must know how to TAKE IT HIGHER!

Will you have guests or are there set residents?
Ean (The Void, Magic Waves, IFM) is our resident but we also like to mix it up and bring in some local gigolos when he's away galavanting. Our next party has François Pleasurechest & Chester Face filling in for Ean while he's playing away in Berlin at the Magic Waves Festival.

On Sat 2 Aug, we’ll be collaborating with two artists at Obstacle 17 – Katie Shambles and Blobby Depp – for their exhibition Cyberjunkie. Then we’ll be providing a concoction of local seducers in form of DJs, performance artists and visuals prior to the club night.

What’s the best night you’ve ever been to?  
I always enjoyed Thursday nights at the Art School with Record Playerz – for a very long time it was the beginning of my weekend. The atmosphere was consistently electric and Hush's eclectic choice of tunes was always resplendent.  

If money/time/reality were no object… What would your ideal club night look like?
Confident of the atmosphere so far at SYS, I would cordially invite John Waters to come along and throw some shapes. I would also wake up Bobby Orlando and Divine from their long slumber – it’d be rude not to have them perform our namesake live. We’d need some local talent too, so fire in Mary Kiani, she'd go down a treat. 'CAN YOU HEAR ME? WHEN I CALL YOUR NAME!'

And, finally, describe the night in three words.  

Shoot Your Shot takes place bi-monthly at The Poetry Club, Glasgow. The next night is Sat 2 Aug.

Divine - Shoot Your Shot

Shoot Your Shot

'One of Scotland's best-loved club nights.' – Resident Advisor

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