Jonathan Ross would snub Kardashians

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  • 30 June 2014
Jonathan Ross

Jonathan Ross

Jonathan Ross admits he wouldn't invite the Kardashians on his show unless it was a quiet week, but is happy to invite Kim's husband Kanye West

Jonathan Ross would only have Kim Kardashian on his talk show if it was a "quiet week".

The 'Jonathan Ross Show' host has admitted he isn't quite sure what the Kardashian family do for a living and would prioritise other guests over them - but he'd be happy to have Kim's rapper husband Kanye West on for a chat.

He explained: "I've had Kanye on and I'd probably have Kim. The Kardashians are a remarkable phenomenon, but it is still quite hard to work out what they actually do.

"I would probably bear in mind that I don't do as many shows per year as I used to [on BBC], so unless it was a very quiet week, I might not want to go with the Kardashians. I'd maybe still go with Kanye."

Despite admitting the Kardashian clan isn't at the top of his celebrity wish list, he did confess that he's a fan of their comedic value, but isn't sure they're trying to be funny.

Jonathan told heat magazine: "I do find them very funny - I mean 'Bound 2' [Kanye's music video featuring a topless Kim] was f***ing hilarious.

"It's difficult to work out whether they're in on their own joke."

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