Jean Alexander's health scare was a stroke

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  • 29 June 2014
Jean Alexander

Jean Alexander

'Coronation Street' legend Jean Alexander has revealed her recent health scare - after she was taken to hospital on Monday (23.06.14) - was a stroke, but urged fans not to "worry"

Jean Alexander has revealed her health scare was a stroke.

The 'Coronation Street' legend - who was taken to a hospital in Southport, Merseyside, by ambulance on Monday (23.06.14) - has told fans not to "worry", because explained the extent of her illness.

In a message on her website, she wrote: "Don't worry, I'm fit and well. I suffered a slight stroke but I am eating, sleeping, walking and talking.

"It's left me a little tired. I have always been a determined little bugger and hope to be back in the garden in no time."

The actress - who played cleaner Hilda Ogden for 23 years until 1987 - described the scare as a "hiccup" which is "to be expected" as she gets older.

She added: "This is just a hiccup, it's to be expected at my age. Don't write me off just yet."

Speaking earlier this week, her brother Kenneth Hodgkinson had said she was "reasonably chirpy and not in danger".

He said: "We don't think it is serious, she is getting on very well.

"She has left the hospital now and is in rehabilitation, a home, just for a week or so.

"She seems reasonably chirpy and not in danger. From what I hear she is pottering about and so on. It seems to have passed over."

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