Jonathan Ross: Jimmy Carr's laugh drives me mad

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  • 26 June 2014
Jonathan Ross

Jonathan Ross

Jonathan Carr has revealed that his comedian pal Jimmy Carr's laugh "drives me mad"

Jonathan Ross can't stand Jimmy Carr's laugh.

The 53-year-old chat show host has confessed he would love to go on a trip with 'Little Britain' comedian David Walliams or the '8 Out of 10 Cats' star, but thinks the latter's unique cackle would start to grate on him.

Quizzed on who his ideal rally car co-driver would be, he said: "It'd have to be someone you get on well with, joke with and not get annoyed with. So, either David Walliams - I love spending time with him - or Jimmy Carr, who I get on very well with. Although, I think his laugh would drive me mad after about a day."

'The Jonathan Ross Show' host admitted there are a lot of celebrities he'd be willing to travel across the world to interview, but narrowed down the list when he was asked who he would drive 3,000 miles to speak to.

Jonathan told heat magazine: "Sylvester Stallone is always great, Barbra Streisand I'm a huge fan of. Some of the younger stars who I haven't interviewed yet, like Scarlett Johansson ... David Beckham's always a great guest for me, so are Will Ferrell and Tom Hanks."

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