Jonathan Ross blasts Spencer Matthews

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 25 June 2014
Jonathan Ross

Jonathan Ross

Jonathan Ross has blasted 'Made in Chelsea' star Spencer Matthews, branding him a "d**"k

Jonathan Ross thinks Spencer Matthews is a d**k.

The 53-year-old talk show host was less than impressed upon meeting the reality show star and felt he was trying to put on a false persona.

He explained: "I met some of the 'Made In Chelsea' bunch - one or two I thought were d**ks. The one with the dark hair who had just cheated on his girlfriend...

"He was a bit of a d**k, but I think he was playing up to the character."

Despite admitting he didn't get on with the Chelsea lothario, Jonathan insists he doesn't have a problem with reality TV stars in general as he's met lots that he has liked.

He told heat magazine: "I've never had a problem with reality show stars - I think a lot of getting famous is a lottery anyway. The ones I've met, I've really liked. I met Rylan [Clark] and I like him. Amy [Childs] - I liked her, she was nice.

"I thought Joey Essex was really charming and fun - he knows what he's doing, he's much smarter than he seems."

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