1 It’s folk rock, but not as you know it Actually, it’s folk rock exactly as you know it, if you remember the 70s, that is. Echoes of Fairport Convention, Pentangle and the Incredible String Band can be heard in the noodling, plucking and droning that emanates from the Philadelphian six-piece outfit.

2 They’re weird Actually, they’re not all that weird, but they have been lumped in with the New Weird America movement, a phrase coined by critic David Keenan to encompass the burgeoning popularity of psychedelic folk sounds from the likes of Devendra Banhart, Joanna Newsom and all the rest.

3 They’ll make your ears do something funny Actually, maybe they are a bit weird. Singer Greg Weeks recently said: ‘We’re all really into weird experimental music and also modal music and Middle Eastern stuff. A lot of that is all about drones, and how you can create overtones that exist only in the human ear but don’t exist actually in the sound outside of it.’ Hey! Stop fucking with my human ears, Weeks!

4 They’re a bunch of space cadets The band recently played a hometown gig in the Fels Planetarium at Philadelphia’s Franklin Institute, and subsequently expressed an interest in doing an all-planetarium tour. Far out, dude.

5 They don’t have telepathic powers, they’re not monsters from Final Fantasy VI and they’re not a comic series Just three of the other definitions for what an Esper is. In case you were interested.

Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Mon 20 Nov.

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